The Bayaka

Who are the Bayaka?

The Bayaka are a persecuted minority tribe in the south western corner of CAR with one of the most ancient cultures in the world. They live in the forest, traditionally in a nomadic hunter-gathering society, but as CAR loses its virgin forests, their way of life is changing and their health is suffering.

In 2010 our partner Charity: Water chose to partner with Water for Good for their September Campaign to bring clean water to the Bayaka people. Water for Good cares deeply about the health of every community in CAR, and the Bayaka are especially vulnerable. One of Water for Good’s core values is cultural sensitivity.
Check out the videos below, produced by Charity: Water as our founder and CEO, Jim Hocking talks about how the Bayaka live and the problems they face as they adjust to a new way of life.

How is Water for Good helping the Bayaka?

Jim Hocking grew up in CAR with Bayaka friends. He saw how deforestation changed their way of life. Ten years ago he made a promise to help the Bayaka with access to clean water. Watch how Water for Good kept this promise with one of our most difficult drilling projects of all time.

…we don’t give up easily!

Check out the final episode below.