Faith and our Operations

All of our operations are meant to express God’s love in a tangible way in the communities we serve. In order to make this message central to our work, there are four main aspects of our operations that are faith-driven:

  • Orality training for staff to use in communities

  • Bible teaching and reconciliation messages in our short-wave radio station programming

  • Whenever possible, local church engagement in the water committees and other community-level activities. We do not plant churches. Instead, we engage with the existing local churches, asking church leaders to get involved in the development of the community and its water resources. This is not a requirement for our work (we work in communities that don’t have churches), but when possible, we strive to partner with and build up the local church.

  • Staff mentorship/discipleship – Although the majority of our staff are Christians, we hire non-Christians as well, giving them the opportunity to see Christianity lived-out at close quarters through our regular prayer times and Biblically based principles of leadership.

Watch the video below for a great example of how we partner with local churches
(note: ICDI is the name that Water for Good operates under in the CAR)

Using Water to Reach the Fulani from Water for Good on Vimeo.


Current Religious Violence

The CAR has regularly suffered from poverty and political instability, but the recent violence has turned neighbor against neighbor. Over the last few years, nearly 18% of the population, have fled their homes because they feared attacks from roving militias and rebel groups. The two main groups in the conflict have both targeted civilians, often along religious lines: the Séléka are the mostly Muslim rebels who overthrew the government in March of 2013, and the Anti-Balaka militias are mostly Christian/anti-Muslim fighters. Anti-Balaka militias have massacred Muslim communities and ethnic minorities as revenge for previous months of conflict when Séléka targeted Christians and churches.

We condemn the current violence and employ people of diverse religious affiliation.

Water for Good staff have been directly affected by the ongoing conflict. Several staff have had their homes looted, been shot, been attacked in the street and six Muslim staff members had to flee the country.

We aim to use our expertise and assets to work for peace and help meet the immediate needs of the population affected by the conflict. Please read our blog for our most recent updates on this conflict and our operations.