Hand-Dug Wells



Damail lives in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Bangui, the capital city of the Central African Republic. Damail’s family has lived here for 9 years and they own a hand-dug well that serves the neighborhood.

The good news is that their hand-dug well never goes dry! Damail is proud of the well that provides water for her friends and family all year long.

The bad news is that the water from her well is not always safe to drink and can make people sick. Runoff can easily seep into and contaminate their open, hand-dug well. They treat the well once a month with chlorine, which kills most of the pathogens. But for two days after each treatment, everyone has to walk a few extra miles to fetch water while they wait for the treatment to be completed. Even after the treatment, the water is unsettling to drink because it has a milky tint. Damail wishes they didn’t have to worry so much about their water and hopes that one day her community will have a deep, drilled well that reliably provides safe water.

You might be thinking, “If Damail already has a hand-dug well, does she REALLY need a drilled one?” Good question! Although a hand-dug well is better than nothing (and Central Africans dig their own hand-dug wells all across the country), there are lots of draw-backs…


This year we have shared many stories of families like Damail’s who are facing the water crisis every day. Damail and her family represent EXACTLY the kind of people who we’ve been drilling new wells for this year (for the past 12 years actually!) The question is…CAN WE REALLY MAKE A SUSTAINABLE DIFFERENCE?

YES! Your support builds lasting solutions. For starters, you have helped launch the first locally owned and operated well drilling business in the Central African Republic! Our former employee, Marcellin Namsene, founded Marcellin African Drilling (MAD) in 2015 and Water for Good is helping this new business grow. This is a significant step in our goal to work ourselves out of a job, solving the water crisis FOR GOOD.

“Giving people clean water is my way of showing God’s love to them. In 30 years I want to be able to show my grandkids villages that STILL have clean water that my team and I have provided.” ~ Marcellin Namesene

This year Marcellin teamed up with Water for Good to drill wells at schools and churches in war torn, remote, northern regions of the country—providing clean water for thousands of people just like Damail! In addition, Water for Good’s maintenance teams have serviced water pumps for over half a million people, ensuring the clean water will keep flowing for good!



Your generosity and kindness supports local people who will solve the water crisis for their own country.



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