Dirty Cars=Clean Water!


On January 27th, 2016, Clearwater Car Wash CEO Brian Catron decided to make a global splash by donating 100% of opening-day sales to Water for Good.

$7,178 has been donated.

This state-of-the-art automatic car wash washes and dries your vehicle in just minutes, and the generous opening-day donation meant that those minutes translated to hundreds of hours of labor saved in the Central African Republic (CAR).

Clearwater 13Clearwater7

1,435 people will have a year of clean water access!

Each vehicle washed gave two people (or more) in the CAR a year of clean water through Water for Good’s well drilling and water pump maintenance programs. That means a whole year that they won’t have to walk a mile to fetch heavy loads of water from unsanitary water sources.


Dirty cars = clean water!

The Clearwater Car Wash is managed by Jordan Gillette, who helped organize the partnership with Water for Good. On opening day, Gillette shared that he had numerous opportunities to chat with customers, and enjoyed sharing with them the international impact of their car wash.

Below: manager Jordan Gillete (left) and CEO Brian Catron (right) on opening day

Clearwater1 Clearwater11

The citizens of Warsaw showed overwhelming support for the new car wash and Water for Good – over 3,000 people were invited to the Facebook event, and 584 cars were washed (blowing away what we thought was an optimistic prediction of 400 cars)! Thanks to those dirty cars, and the generosity of the Clearwater Car Wash, $7,178 has been donated, and 1,435 people will NOT be making a one hour daily walk carrying heavy jugs full of unsanitary water this next year—they’ll be drinking from a clean, reliable water pump right in their village!

Clearwater12 Clearwater10 Clearwater9 Clearwater8 Clearwater5

You can see more event photos on the Facebook event page, and if you’re in the Warsaw area, don’t forget to follow the Clearwater Car Wash on Facebook as well!

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