50|15 Update


This year, your support will help 25,000 people gain access to clean water—all in one of the world’s most conflict-affected and forgotten places, the Central African Republic (CAR).


Local, Central African staff have already made a lot of progress. Forty-three new wells are completed and we have enough projects scheduled this year to reach, or even surpass, our 50 well goal as part of the 50|15 campaign!

And there’s even more good news! Water for Good supporters have come together to donate and ship a new custom-built drill rig to the CAR.

We are pleased to introduce Emmanuel! Yes, it’s true, the drill rigs at Water for Good have names. Emmanuel will complement our two drill rigs already working in the CAR. Thanks to our amazingly kind and generous community of supporters in the USA, Emmanuel can have a legacy of drilling hundreds and hundreds of new wells, saving thousands of lives in the Central African Republic.



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