In memory of Jeremy Blackburn


We want to remember, thank, and honor Jeremy Blackburn for all that he has done for the people of the Central African Republic. Jeremy passed away last night after a battle with cancer.


Six years ago, Jeremy took the initiative and organized the first Run4Others 5k race in Winona Lake Indiana, raising money for the people of the Central African Republic. Although we have many generous donors, Jeremy was special to us, not because of how much he was able to donate, but because he found a way to use his gifts, interests, and abilities to serve a greater cause.  When he organized the first Run4Others 5k, he was a recent high-school grad working as a server at a local restaurant. He didn’t have the financial means to make big donations. But he was determined to do something to help kids in the Central African Republic…and he did it.



Above: Jeremy waiting to start the 2014 Run4Others race.

After that first race, Jeremy helped organize 4 more races, with hundreds of runners learning about the cause he supported, and raising over $10,000 in donations for Water for Good.

Thank you Jeremy, for being an inspiration to all of us, encouraging us to get out there and use our gifts and abilities to make a difference in the world, regardless of the resources we have at our disposal!



Above: Jeremy shakes hands with Tom Miller after the 2014 Run4Others race.
Below: Luke Wright (MudLOVE) and Jim Hocking (Water for Good) finished the 5k together in 2014.



Above: Doug Koontz, Jeremy’s close friend and care giver as Jeremy battled with cancer, finishing the 5k in 2014





5 Responses to “In memory of Jeremy Blackburn”

  1. Jim Hocking:

    to Jeremy Blackburn

    Dear Jeremy,

    I want to personally thank you for your consistent efforts for many years. Because of you many people in the central African republic today have water

    I know one of your dreams was to be able to go and see some of these people. I regret that that never did happen.
    I also know many of our staff who saw pictures of the races you directed wanted to be able to meet you.
    In spite of all that you never slacked off but continued to persistently give your all in helping the people of central Africa.

    On behalf of the central Africans, thank you


  2. Ivy Railsback:

    I was wondering if I could a copy of that picture at the top of him tieing his shoe? That’s a great picture of him

  3. Dustin Miller:

    Rest in peace Jeremy! How amazing you left such an inspiring legacy behind. You will certainly be missed.

  4. Arminta:

    Amazing friend to me!!!! Inspired me then, and inspires me now, I will sure miss my buddy!!!! Love you Jearbear

  5. James Snapp, Jr.:

    I’m sorry for your loss. May Jeremy’s friends and family take comfort in his inspirational example of selfless service.

    “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth: in no way will he lose his reward.”