what is orality?

Sharing the love of God


Water for Good’s water program employs an amazing group of people who are not usually in the spotlight; animateurs (community trainers) travel with the water teams and share sanitation, hygiene, and Gospel lessons with each community as well as teach the village how to manage their well as a resource, to make sure they can come up with the funds necessary to maintain it in the future. Their work is not as flashy as drilling the new well, but animateurs train the well committee to take care of the well and teach the community to use the clean water to have a lasting impact on health.

This training is a way we can give meaning to all of the work we do. Water for Good provides life-saving clean water to communities of diverse faiths. This training helps our teams share that our work is rooted in the Gospel and a desire to share God’s love.


Jerry Wiles, President Emeritus of Living Water International, travelled to the Central African Republic to provide Water for Good’s animateurs, other staff members, and the broader community with “Orality training.” Orality is a method used to share the Gospel with people who prefer and benefit from oral storytelling instruction. Water for Good is extremely grateful that Jerry took the time to come to the Central African Republic during a period of instability to minister to people who want to share the Gospel and impact their people with life-changing stories from the scripture.

Over the course of the two-day training, the members of this seminar learned 5 stories, and each participant practiced telling these stories. There was time to share something in each member’s personal life that would change because of a better understanding of the story.

Here are several testimonies from the seminar:

  • An older deaconess said, “I have wanted to share my faith for many years but have not known how to get started.  I was often told by pastors that this was not my job.  I was just to ‘serve’ the pastors and leave him to do the evangelizing.  I realize today that God wants all of us to share His TRUE stores with the people of this world.”
  • Two younger students through the whole seminar could hardly wait to answer any and all questions! They were so excited by the fact that could understand this and implement it immediately and with confidence. They said, “This is the simplest and clearest form of the Gospel that we have ever heard.”
  • Finally a middle-aged man who was sitting with the local pastor as we were leaving the church said to us, “I see that I have never really made a decision for Christ and I am doing that now!”

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